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Mayberry Reflections the Early Years

I wrote my book Mayberry Reflections the Early Years after taking early retirement from teaching due to some health issues.  The book was published in 2006 by Westview Publishing in Nashville, TN.  It is available at all on line book sites such as and Barnes and Nobel.  It can also be purchased directly from me.  All proceeds from the sale of my book are donated to the Dorchester Public Library in Dorchester, Wisconsin, which is my hometown.

Mayberry Reflections the Early Years is about that quintessential fictitious town of Mayberry, North Carolina.  It is about the first four seasons of the classic television program "The Andy Griffith Show". 

In the book I write about every episode during the first four seasons of "The Andy Griffith Show".  I give a brief synopsis of the episode and I intertwine my own thoughts regarding the values that the episode is sharing with the viewers.   There are also a few other Mayberryish writings found at the end of the book.

I have received many emails from people who have read my book and everyone who reads it enjoys it very much.  They find the book is a wonderful companion to have while watching episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show".

Book sells for $15.00 plus $2.50 S/H.

If you are interested in ordering a book you can contact me directly at or by phone at 715-839-8470.

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