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My Story - Part 2

A Young Fan, Trey Holst, Checking Out My Handcuffs

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Angelino's Coffee Mayberry Experience

In this day and age of large corporations and impersonal service, it is always great to have an experience that is in touch with what life was like in Mayberry when businesses treated everyone with care.  I recently received a package in the mail with a rather large supply of Angelino's K Cup Coffee.  I knew I did not order the coffee so I suspected maybe someone sent it to me as a gift.  However, there was no card included.  I contacted Angelino's and discovered that they had sent the coffee to me by mistake.  Then to my surprise they told me I could keep the coffee as a gift and there would be no charge whatsoever.  What a great surprise for me and what a wonderful gesture on their part.  I call these kinds of experiences "Mayberry Moments" because they demonstrate what life was meant to be like with the wonderful episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show".

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